Why Buy From Arollco?

Why Buy From AROLLCO?

  1. Use of AROLLCO’s innovative mini-cores guarantees the product will fit, size for size.
  2. AROLLCO’s innovative mini-cores for the 2 ¼” rolls are ideally suited for hand held applications.
  3. The Mini Core Rolls smaller diameter means you can fit a longer length roll into your machine -Less Roll Changes!!
  4. Quantity discount pricing on volume purchases.
  5. Our high-quality, BPA free  papers  come from the world’s most respected mills.
  6. We use 100% recyclable eco-cores made from recycled kraft and water soluble glues.
  7. All our rolls are manufactured  in Atlantic Canada, not brought in by containers from China.
  8. We have the capacity to fill orders from one box to multiple skids.
  9. Free shipping now to Ontario, Quebec and  within  the Atlantic Provinces.
  10. Great  personal service. Great prices.
  11. We are the only manufacturers in Atlantic Canada producing POS/debit rolls.
  12. Atlantic Canadians can now buy from an Atlantic Canadian supplier.